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Cassity Jones remembered


Pretty much everyone in East Texas has heard of Cassity Jones, a local building supply company. Some of you may not know it was named after one man, not two.

Cassity Jones, the company's namesake, passed away yesterday. He was 94 years old, and covered a lot of ground during his near-century in the area.

Cassity Jones will be remembered and missed. Jeb Jones is the CEO of the company his grandfather started, and says after serving in World War II, he started building homes. The next logical step was a lumber company.

"He went off to war, came back and was one the charter members of Panola Jr. College. While he was doing that he was also working. He started building houses; he had a wholesale grocery business, they started selling cars, he sold tractors. That's something that a lot of people don't know is he tried so many different things. He was always thinking and always experimenting and was always trying to see how things worked and how they could be improved, and ultimately the lumber business is what really took off for him," Jeb said.

His company grew, and eventually many of his employees wanted to know all about Jones' success, so he started putting together a history. It wasn't long before the author realized his story should be a book.

"We've gotten so many well-wishes from so many different people who admired him, who really respected him, and I think most of all what I've really heard from people is 'he was always so nice to me.' The way he treated other people made them feel good about themselves, and so that's why we're hearing so many things from so many people," Jeb Jones said.

Yes, Cassity Jones will be remembered and missed, but a little piece of him lives on in many homes in the area; maybe even yours.

Memorials may be made in Cassity's honor to Asbury House in Longview, or the American Cancer Society.

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