Gas Prices On The Rise Again

Two weeks ago East Texans enjoyed an almost 20 cent drop in prices at the pump.
Now gas prices are up almost 10 cents in some areas and expected to climb higher.
Gas prices are on constant rollercoaster. First they slowly rolled down, and now they've taken a sharp jump right back up.
Naila Abdulla owns the Rikby/Diamond Shamrock in Bullard. She said the constant dip and rise in prices, can be blamed on good old supply and demand.
"If you really look the demand is really growing world wide," Naila said. "Supplies are not and as a result the price is going up."
Naila said the prices her customers pay are set by Diamond Shamrock. If you think all retailers are benefiting from the spike in gas prices, think again.
"I virtually make no money!" she said. "I'm frustrated because when you really look at the cost of a gallon, 44 cents is for crude oil processing, 24 cents is for the government, 32 cents is for the distributor. So really if you look at somebody like me it's not even a penny if I'm lucky."
Consumers we spoke to were just as frustrated with the jump in price, but for drivers gas is a necessity, you just can't get around.
"I'm disgusted every time you think its going back down it goes back up," said Peggy Nartia.
"I just think it's ridiculous really," said gas customer Misti Minor. "It's like they go up and they go down. You never know. It's unpredictable.
"I don't know anything I can do about it," said Malcolm Cooper, "but I have to have it for my job. I wish it would go down it sure would save me some money."
Naila Abdulla said consumers should not expect to see another dip in prices anytime soon.
"Gas prices are in for an increase. That's the reality of the market conditions today."
The current national average for a gallon on unleaded gas is $1.92.
Prices in East Texas range from $1.77 to $1.85.

Story by Maya Golden,