Power Of Prayer: "Finding Strength To Live In Faith"

Looking through the pictures of her life. Pamela Stanley Bachman feels she is more than blessed. A series of tragic events began just over ten years ago with the death of her husband Bill. In the years to come, she would loose her long time job as a flight attendant, suffer through breast cancer and two strokes. She realizes now that God was looking over her though she was not living the life style the could have.

"I want things to be better," remembers Pamela Stanley Bachman. "How can I make it better. I don't know what to do to make it better. And I knew He would help me eventually."

Despite all the tragedy of years past the turning point in Pamela's life came this past Christmas. That's when the home that had been in the family for years was destroyed by fire. She remembers the moment when she turned back to a faith she always believed in but had not always put first in her life.

"When the house burned down," says Pamela, "I didn't have anybody but my mom and my kids. And God had to take care of us somehow. At that point I just thought I've got to do something different. God help me, just direct me in what to do. And I think that was a point right...now everything is better. This house is a blessing."

Pamela is now deeply involved in her church, Green Acres Baptist. She is still trying to recover from effects of her stroke. Pamela is looking for the first time in a long time is looking forward to the future....knowing the changes in her life came from the power of prayer.

"I'm happier than I've been in many, many years because I am doing what God directed me to do instead of what I want to do."

Clint Yeatts Reporting