Power Of Prayer: "A Family Leans On Their Faith During The Death Of Their Child"

"He just loved life. He was strong willed. He was the perfect kid," says Lisa Conner.

Life was good for the Conner's. The family of four was a picture of happiness. Then came November 21st 2001. On a hunting trip in Central Texas, 7 year old Stephen was killed in an A-T-V accident.

"You don't realize how important and the need of prayer is until your...you feel hopeless and how can you face another day, but you know you have too. And through prayer is the only answer," says Stephen's mother Lisa Conner.

Those first days were the most difficult. But looking back today the Conners believe God was at work through the son they would soon lose.

"And the last days that he was here he was just speaking so strongly about Jesus," remembers Lisa. "You know...how he wanted all the little kids to come to Him and to know Him. Whenever Stephen passed away, I had to praise Him for Stephen, I had to praise Him for his life. And that was the most hardest thing for me to do."

After months and months of prayer husband and father Tom came home to share what he believed was God's call in their life. "Been doing a lot of praying," says Tom Conner, "and having more kids just came up for me. We just talked about it and it just hit you, you know."

"I don't know about a month or two later I was praying, Lord I can't do this," remembers Lisa. "Physically I can't do this, and emotional of all. And then He was like, oh you can."

After difficulty in conceiving on their own, the Conner's began the adoption process. Then one day after meeting a perspective adoptive birth mother, Lisa discovered she was pregnant. Not with just one but with twins. The Conners also felt led to continue with their adoption. And almost three years to the day of Stephen's death Nolan and Anna were born and Elizabeth was adopted. The Conners are far beyond asking why.

"I was praying...like... I wanted the joy, I wanted the joy back and God said your going to have it, in multitudes. And you think its not possible," says Lisa, "your not replacing a child with children. They're individuals, you can never replace a child with a child. And to get three babies, God said here...you don't need one- you need three, and we said okay."

"It devastated our lives," says Tom. "But we have been able to pray and come back and do the things we need to do. These three little children, these little babies wouldn't be here if Stephen was still here. And when you look at that and think about it it's just hard to understand."

"I don't think we're supposed to know why," says Lisa. "And I think if we knew what was ahead we would never face tomorrow. I mean we wouldn't, it would be to hard. And that's where your faith has to come in, you have to rely on God's strength to strengthen you."

Lessons of prayers power these children will learn, from a brother whose death brought them life.

Clint Yeatts Reporting