Power Of Prayer: "A Future In Question Except With The Power Of Prayer"

The future was bright for Cassye Erwin. With the success of high school in Edgewood behind her, she was planning for an exciting future. Until one foggy September morning.

On her way to a college class, Cassye was hit broadside. One of the first on the scene, her father, a Dallas firefighter and paramedic. Cassye was sent straight to Baylor Hospital in Dallas. She had a ruptured pelvis, broken neck bones, and spleen and bladder injuries. She remembers nothing of what happened. Her father remembers it all.

"The church had a vigil around 7 o'clock on a Tuesday night after the wreck which was on a Monday and we was all just worn out," remembers Cassye's father Tim Erwin. "I prayed for I bet you 40 hours straight and it was like this peace that I never felt before in my life. It was like a sack of feed taken off my back. And I felt so good. And the Lord said she is in My hands, I'm gonna take care of her."

"It wasn't a couple of minutes after that the doctors came out," says Tim, "and said she would never walk again, but it didn't really bother me that he said that because I had this peaceful feeling and I knew the Lord was gonna take care of her."

The Erwins are taking everyday now step by step. Despite what the doctors said, Cassye is walking again, though nerve damage has left here with no feeling in her left leg. But family, friends and faith take on a whole new meaning to this family. The power of prayer has changed many things.

"My faith is so much stronger now since my accident," says Cassye. "I don't live the life that I lived then, my life has changed so much."

"Before I was embarrassed to do that cause its like what would they think of me," says Tim. "And now I don't care what they think. I'm thankful to god for what he has done and it has changed my life"

"Just enjoy everything," says Cassye about her outlook on life. "And.. live everything to the fullest. Just don't take anything for granted that I do have and others don't. I just live for God now. I'm not into the things I was in."

Clint Yeatts Reporting