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Gun owners worry criminals may outgun citizens


More restrictions on firearms could mean average homeowners who choose to defend themselves with a fire arm could one day be out-gunned. If gun models were restricted, what firearms would be likely choices for homeowners to defend themselves with? 

"A lot of people buy pistols, a lot buy shotguns. Now they're going to have to settle for something else, something less desirable," says home defense gun owner Cody Klotz.

Gun owners tell us the attraction of a semi-automatic weapon is the ability to quickly fire multiple shots in defense. If restrictions go into effect, gun owners worry that they one day may be out-gunned.

"If we're defending ourselves with revolvers and pump shotguns, a criminal comes at us with automatic weapons, we're going to be out-gunned for sure. If they limit the selection for the honest people, the dishonest people are still going to have what dishonest people have," Klotz says.

Sandy Fitts keeps guns for home defense.

"I don't think we should be limited to be able to defend our home. There are women out there that are home alone, that need some kind of protection," she says.

Now the sales of gun safes are increasing. Many say they're not giving up their guns.

"We've got people trying to take that away from us and I don't believe they should be able to do that. What are they going to take from us next, our guns, our knives," Fitts says.

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