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Better East Texas: Republican woes

More than two months have passed since the November election resulting in the re-election of Barrack Obama to the presidency by a wide margin.  Beyond Mitt Romney, another casualty seems to be the Republican party.  Even those government officials who were elected or won re-elected have been pointing fingers on what is wrong with the Republicans.  In the mean time, nationally, republicans have been out marketed and out-messaged and it is paying dividends for democrats.  And, now, at least one notable local republican has made the decision to leave his post as a county chair.  Ashton Oravetz announced he was leaving his job as the Smith County Republican Party Chairman.  He indicated that there may be others across Texas that may follow suit.  But what is unsettling for republicans, with the exception of the Oravetz resignation, is that finger pointing seems to be the only action being taken right now and there is not a plan to recover and re-define the Republican party.  So democrats will continue to enjoy momentum, an energized base, and growing popularity that will, most likely, carry them to lasting victories.  The beauty of it is that this is the political process and marketing and messaging are vital arms of our political system so time will tell if the Republican party will re-assert itself by the next election.  Either way, the power of your vote now and in the future is more important than ever so be ready for the next vote and you will make it a Better East Texas.

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