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Local residents react to gun control proposals


Wednesday, President Barack Obama enacted 23 executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence.

The executive orders include tougher penalties for people who lie on background checks, give schools the ability to use federal grant money to improve school safety, and call for the Centers for Disease Control to research causes and preventions of gun violence. The President also called on Congress to renew and expand a ban on assault weapons and limit high-capacity ammunition magazines.

When it comes to the more extensive background checks for gun dealers and private sellers, several East Texas gun enthusiasts are supportive.
"I think its a good thing. I mean, I don't think you want just anyone to be able to buy a gun, especially with the cartels running around. There are just lot of people that need to go through a background check that don't," said local gun owner Schylar Williams.

Some gun owners also said that background checks for private sales are a good addition as well.
"Personally, I deal with gun sales a lot. So when it comes to back ground checks, I agree they need to have them all the time, every time. No nonsense there," gun owner and private seller, Nick Baker, said.

"By all means I hope they do restructure and kind of keep what's already there and enforce it. There is a lot of stuff, like the loop holes and gun shows, that are just cash-in-hand transfers," gun owner Dan Davis said. 

While many support the executive orders, some remain skeptical that the legislation that could go through Congress, like an assault weapons ban, would prevent gun violence.

"If you want to do damage, you can do damage with anything. Just taking away any weapon isn't going to do much or solve a whole lot," Williams said.

Gun owners also disagree with the ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

"Anybody with that fundamental, 'I want to,' it doesn't matter if they have 30 round clip or a five, they're going to get their job done," Davis said.

"Once again, anyone with any amount of training, the amount of rounds doesn't make any difference," Williams said.

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