Police Investigating Whether Children At A Kilgore Daycare Were Sexually Abused

Just days after a daycare owner is arrested on child pornography charges, investigators are interviewing children who knew the suspect. They want to know if they were sexually abused.

Police say they found pornographic pictures of children on Jeffery Hardy's home computer. The same home where he and his wife run a daycare.

The investigation actually began last month when an anonymous person told authorities they had been involved in an internet chat room conversation with Hardy. Police say during that conversation Hardy admitted to sexually abusing a young child that did not attend his daycare.

Hardy and his wife Chrystal are the owners of Krayola Corner daycare in Kilgore. Police raided the home last week removing the computer. The daycare was closed at the time and parents were notified about the arrest. Since then police have been trying to find out if some of those children were abused.

"This activity just didn't start when he opened up a daycare center. His previous work history shows us that he's had numerous jobs and just about every job has had some kind of dealings with kids," says Sgt. Mike Hyko.

So far, Jeffery Hardy has only been charged with possessing pornographic pictures of children. He has not been charged with abusing children. That aspect of the case remains under investigation. Sergeant Hyko says if you have any information please call him 903-237-1167.

Amy Tatum reporting. atatum@kltv.com