Cheap Fares: Don't Believe Every "Great Deal" Websites Offer

"Vacation planning made simple."

"The best deals online."

Every travel website claims to save you money. In fact, more people than ever are planning their trips themselves using their computer.

But we thought, if you are, should you take the first deal you see, even if it looks like a bargain?

First, lets fly.

We took flights from DFW Airport on October 1st and returning on the 7th.

Going to Las Vegas: $214. $213. $213. $213

But through American Airlines own website,,  we got $208.70, and AirTran's website,,  quoted only $186.70.

Time after time we looked for domestic travel, the airlines own sites meet or beat the fare listed elsewhere.

Some other examples we didn't have time to show you on the air:

American Airlines: $134.70 $108.
United Airlines: $103.70
Delta Airlines: $103.70 $85. $84. $84

The lowest?  Southwest Airlines website at had a fare at $79.20.  Their flight leaves from Dallas Love Field.

DFW-Washington D.C. (Dulles, Reagan National, or BWI)
United Airlines: $238.20
Delta Airlines: $219.40
Northwest Airlines: $214.40 $204. $203. $203. $203.

The lowest?  American Airlines website at had a fare at $198.20.

DFW-Chicago O'Hare Airport
United Airlines: $178.20
AirTran Airways: $176.90
Delta Airlines: $169.40 $164. $163 $163. $163.

The lowest?  Again, American Airlines website had a fare of $158.20.

But what about that island vacation?  Long-distance and international travel is where we started racking up savings.

Going from DFW to Honolulu, Hawaii.

United Airlines: $754.26
American Airlines: $749.30
Northwest Airlines: $644.80 $640. $618. $606.

The lowest? offered us a seat for just $561. also had the lowest fare for a flight from DFW to London, at $602, while all other sites and the airlines had fares from $646 to $691 per person.

It also pays to shop for a hotel.  For instance:

Holiday Inn on the San Antonio Riverwalk (standard room, king-size bed) $155. per night $147.99 per night $147.63 per night $139.46 per night
Holiday Inn's own website at offered us the same room at $124.95.

Many hotel websites we looked at had guarantees that claim to meet or beat every internet listed room rate.  Holiday Inn, for instance, says if another rate is lower, it will take an additional ten percent off that price.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.