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Survivor of four strokes walks across America


A man who has survived four strokes is walking from Madawaska, Maine to Miami, Florida.

Mycle Brandy began his walk on October first of last year. Sunday he crossed the Talmidge Bridge and walked into Georgia, his thirteenth state. So far Brandy has walked close to sixteen hundred miles he says his mission is to raise awareness of the early warning signs of stroke and to talk with stroke victims along the way.

Mycle Brandy says, "I'm doing this to show stroke survivors that there is life after stroke. It's scary, a stroke is a scary thing, and a lot of people think ok that's it but it's not, that's not it, it's only it if you want it to be."

This is Brandy's third walk across America in total he has walked more than fifty-nine hundred miles in all.

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