Canadian Firefighters In Kilgore Fire Academy

The current class of the Kilgore College fire academy includes visitors from north of the border... the ones with the strange way of talking to one another.

"I'm always getting asked to speak people like my accent... compared to what I'm used to eh!" said Nova Scotia native David Provo.

The Canadians, ten men and one woman, have come East Texas to get certified training, in the blistering heat of the summer, something that is certainly foreign to them.

"It will definitely toughen you up a little its hot... I've lost 2 pounds already probably" said Vancouver student Scott Miller.

In Canada many who have to get on a waiting list and the Kilgore academy has become a hot ticket so to speak with our neighbors to the north.

"Its less expensive plus it highly recognized a lot of guys have come here and they've been hired within a couple of weeks" says Vancouver student David Earland.

But all the Canadians in East Texas does create some cultural curiosities. "I thought chicken fried steak was chicken! So when I ordered it that's what I was expecting, chicken, I was going to take it back cause it tasted like steak," says a Kamloops B.C. Student.

After completing their 12 week course in August they'll return to their respective cities to become firefighters.

Reporting:  Bob Hallmark