Six Graduate Longview Rescue Mission Program

It was graduation day for 6 people in Longview, who reclaimed their lives from addictions and homelessness. To the strains of "pomp and circumstance", 6 people took a big step towards that reclaiming. Those 6 people who graduated from the highway 80 rescue missions "new creation" program.

"This is the result of hard work and men and women who are determined they want to get their life back on track" says mission director Tony Chung.

They completed a 12 month discipleship program in which they also learned computer skills to prepare them for a return to the workplace. For many it was something that saved them... From drug addiction... Or physical abuse.. Or just the hard knocks of life.

"When i got there i was broke down busted disgusted... And it seemed like there was no way to go, really dying would have been easier route to go at that time, now gods given me a purpose and I'm so glad I'm here" says graduate Janette Wright.

Chung had started the retraining program 2 years ago, and presided over the graduation. With family and friends in attendance, the grads proudly received their diplomas.

"Knowing that i have direction in my life now as to where, when i came in i guess i was a victim... And now I'm victorious" says Wright.

Several graduates plan to stay on at the mission and assist other students through the same program. Bob Hallmark reporting.