SPCA Rescues 74 Animals from Wills Point Home

The SPCA of Texas rescued 56 dogs, 6 ducks, and 10 cats from a home in Wills Point.
It's the SPCA's second rescue mission this month and the fifth of the year in Van Zandt County.
The SPCA said some dogs were infected with mange and many were flea infested and starving skeletons of just skin and bones.

"These poor animals are forced to live in this," said Dave Garcia of the SPCA of Texas. "They don't have a choice."

Property owner Brandy Redwine said she does not breed or sale the animals. She said they are strays she picks up or are given to her.
"I'm trying to take care of them," Redwine said.

Friday she was outraged that she had no prior warning from the police or SPCA.
"Why didn't they come to me and say 'Hey, there's something wrong here. Let's please rectify this,' instead of costing the tax payers. Instead of making a whole big thing about it."
"You shouldn't have to tell someone to feed an animal and to water it," said Dave Garcia. "You shouldn't have to tell someone to clean it's cage. You shouldn't have to tell someone not to let them die in their cages."

The bodies of birds that died locked inside their cages still lay inside covered under a blanket.
"These animals died a horrible death," said Garcia. 
The skulls and bones of dead cats created a small pile on the side of the house. Several cats had swollen irritated eyes and could barely move inside their cages. SPCA officials say most of the animals would require serious medical attention.

Dogs did not touch the food inside trays filled with fire ants. Water dishes were stagnant with scummy hot water, unable to cool the animals thirst during the heat of summer.
"They jump in the water," said Brandy Redwine. "They knock their water over and like I said I just got back in from out of town I was going to go out there and clean it."
SPCA officials say Redwine could face criminal charges.

"There's no excuse for this," said Garcia.

 The animals were taken to the SPCA in McKinney for examininations and treatment. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, July 22.
A judge will decide if the animals will return to the home or be given to the SPCA to be put up for adoption.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com