Longview Bridge Accident Victim Recovering

The future is looking much brighter for an East Texas man who was injured in a fall from a bridge several months ago. Daniel Fisher is back at his home near Hallsville now, up and walking after fracturing several bones in his back in a fall on his job.

In April he fell 16 feet from a bridge that was being repaired on I-20. A construction inspector on workers comp, he had trouble finding a doctor. He was finally flown to a Houston hospital where he's undergone therapy and been fitted with a body cast. Though he says he's got a long way to go, he's glad he was finally able to find treatment.

"There's no words to really describe it . You've been down. Seven weeks I laid flat on my back and now that I'm up and basically back to normal it's just, I can't describe it. It's phenomenal. It's wonderful," says Fisher.

Fisher will have to return to Houston in four weeks to determine if he is healing properly, or if he will need back surgery.

Bob Hallmark reporting.