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Friends remember Texas Ranger Glenn Elliott

Glenn Elliott Glenn Elliott

Former Texas Ranger Glenn Elliott passed away New Year's Eve. A Ranger from 1961 to 1987, his law enforcement career spanned nearly four decades.

He lived in Longview, and there were many people he called friends.

Tommy Eaker and Larry Courington knew Glenn Elliott very well. For the past several years, they visited him weekly, listening to his stories. Eaker first met Elliott when he was a child. Larry met him later and would generally end up "donating" money to the "Glenn Elliott Fund" after losing a dominoes game called Moon.

"I learned how to play Moon from him. It was expensive," Courington said.

Eaker's father also played Moon with Elliott, and after Eaker's father died, Elliott came by to pay his respects, which is when he introduced his son to the Ranger.

"I said Mr. Elliott's a retired Texas Ranger and my son got a hero worship in his eyes as only an eight-year-old could and asked Glenn what position he played. Mr. Elliott always got a kick out of that," Courington revealed.

Eaker said Elliott would always start his stories the same: "most of what you are about to hear is true." Like in 1968 when he was sent to the Lone Star Steel strike, and a bomb threat was called in.

"So Glenn went over there and found the bomb which was three sticks of dynamite and an alarm clock set on it and a big square ever-ready battery. Just minutes before noon, he found the bomb and disarmed it. It was set to go off right at noon and the cafeteria would have been full of workers and many, many people would have been killed," Eaker explained.

"I was visiting Glenn one day and he said I've got something I want to give you. He stood up and reached over and opened up a shadow box on the wall and handed me this 32 Saturday night special pistol and told me it had been used in a murder in Marshall. It had been written about in one of his two books and he said I want you to have that and you can always say a Ranger gave you that gun," Eaker said.

They went to Glenn's house the day after Christmas.

"Stopped by there to visit with him and he told us that he just wanted to make it to the first of the year. And he passed away New Year's Eve morning at 9:45," Eaker recalled.

"I remember playing Moon with him and another Ranger, and another man who has gone on. So I imagine they're playing Moon now," Courington said.

They also said they can't remember Glenn Elliott ever losing at Moon. It seems pretty obvious he didn't lose at life, either.

Glenn Elliott's service will be held 10 a.m. Friday at Alpine Church of Christ. Visitation is at Rader Funeral Home from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday.

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