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Some East Texas lawmakers explain their vote on Fiscal Cliff

With a deal reached in Washington D.C., the government has avoided the fiscal cliff. Lawmakers who represent East Texas are explaining why they voted for, or did not vote for, the bill.

Senator John Cornyn: "I voted for this bill because it prevents a huge tax increase on 99% of all Texans and Americans. Nonetheless, I am dismayed at the lack of seriousness by the president on dealing with the core issues of our fiscal problems. Our spending is unsustainable and it is high time the president and his party engage in meaningful dialogue to get this county's spending under control."

Senator-elect Ted Cruz (via Facebook): "While I understand the merits of trying to prevent tax increases on as many Americans as possible, this legislation will increase taxes on millions of Americans, including small business owners, which hurts economic growth and jobs."

Congressman Jeb Hensarling: "I cannot support this in good conscience.  I respect those of my Republican colleagues who reluctantly supported the bill in order to stave off further tax increases and economic harm.  There were no good options to be had."

Congressman Louie Gohmert: "For two years the president has been promising the Republican majority we'll deal with spending cuts in the next thing, and what we've seen, what's very clear, unless the spending cuts are in the bill that we're voting on, they do not happen. So that's why I couldn't vote for it.

The Senate has refused to pass a budget of its own for three and a half years, even refused to pass the President's proposed budgets, and failed to bring any of the budgets passed by the House to a vote by the Senate members.

The U.S. House has cut our administrative budgets by over 11% over the past two years.  Having done so, we have the moral authority to demand that the rest of the federal government do the same.  It's time to stop playing these kick the can games and demand serious spending cuts."

Congressman Joe Barton: "I voted against the deal on a matter of principle because it increases spending by $330 billion and increases the deficit by almost $4 trillion over 10 years. Rather than focusing on spending reductions, the deal does nothing but feed more hard-earned tax-payer dollars into Washington while sinking our Nation further into a pit of debt."

Congressman Kevin Brady: "The major overriding reason for passing this bill was to reverse the New Years Day tax hikes on Texas families and small businesses – and to once and for all make lower taxes a permanent reality for 99% of Americans."

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott released the following statement: "Washington's refusal to use this opportunity to curb the expansion of government will undoubtedly add to my long list of litigation against the federal government. To date I have filed more than two dozen lawsuits designed to protect Texans from Washington overreach."

KLTV has reached out to the offices of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Congressman Ralph Hall for statements.


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