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Tucson's 2nd medical pot dispensary opens

An employee at The Green Halo weighs some marijuana. An employee at The Green Halo weighs some marijuana.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson's second medical marijuana dispensary has opened on the east side.  The Green Halo medical marijuana clinic is located in the parking lot of a Shell gas station, in the 7700 block of South Wilmot Road, just off of Interstate-10.

The facility opened it's doors at 10 AM on Tuesday morning.  Staff allowed our news camera inside the building for a tour. 

The building was surrounded by more than a dozen cameras, placed both inside and outside the facility.  The steel door was locked until someone buzzed you in.  Several security guards were also there, monitoring the facility.

Once in the lobby, staff ask to see your medical marijuana card and state ID.  Your card is then checked against a state database to verify it's validity.

The lobby was decorated with a comfortable couch and chairs, along with a big screen TV playing medical marijuana informational videos. There was also a computer for patients to do research on different strains while they wait, as well as pamphlets to read.    

Manager Ken Sobel walked us through the facility.  The medical marijuana was located behind a second locked steel door, where patients were allowed only once their paperwork checked out.

In the second room, patients will met with a dispensing agent and picked their medication.

The facility was also staffed with a medical director and a registered nurse. 

Sobel said they felt pretty secure about security in their building.

"This building is more secure than a bank," said Sobel.

The medical marijuana ranged in price from $15 for a gram for $45 for an eighth to $70 for an eighth.

Sobel said once growing facilities started operating in town, patients could expect to see prices fall.  He described the medical cannabis they are using as high quality stuff.

"We're not talking about street weed that comes from sources, you don't know who they are.  Our product is all pesticide and mold free," said Sobel.

Green Halo is open 7-days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM.  On it's first day, Sobel said they greeted almost 40 patients.  The facility has hired 25 people to date.  Sobel said patients would have to pay a sales tax on the medical marijuana.

Staff are waiting to get the state's nod to open up a kitchen in the facility, where they hope to create marijuana candy, brownies, and other treats for patients who are unable to smoke their medicine.

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