Party For President Held In Tyler

A party for the president tonight, hosted by Tyler Young Republicans, was open to the public.

First Lady Laura Bush joined the group on a conference call.

"The party you're hosting tonight is a great way to spread the president's message," she said on the phone. "And I want to tell everyone at your party, hello, and thank you all so much for being there."

The first lady gave an opening address, then answered questions from several people. She also reached out to women voters, who said it was encouraging to hear from the first lady herself.

"Knowing that his wife is a woman and that she can stand for what we believe in as women that to be a stronghold in the family, and you know, to say that we have a voice and we want it to be heard, and that she's speaking for us as a woman is very interesting and very important to us," Jennifer Lambert, social chair for the Tyler Young Republicans, said.

And just when everyone thought the call was over, a surprise guest joined in.

"We're going to win," President Bush said. "We got a clear vision for a better America, a clear vision for a safer America, a clear vision for a stronger America."

The local party was one of nearly 7,000 parties nationwide going on at the same time.

Julie Tam, reporting.