Longview Paramedics Answering Heat Exhaustion Calls

With summer upon us, the ever present danger of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are here as well. Longview paramedics are already answering the calls of those overcome by temperatures. Over the past week, Longview paramedics have answered dozens of calls of people, young and old, wilting from the effects of summer heat.

A dozen calls yesterday, four the day before, eight more the day before that; and we haven't reached the hottest part of summer yet. Paramedics know heat stroke could lead to brain damage and they say it could happen to even the strongest individuals.

"You sweat you sweat you sweat.. o not rehydrate yourself get you're fluids back, then after a period of time, you stop sweating, and it turns into possible heat stroke," says Longview paramedic George Glenn.

The most common causes of heat exhaustion are working or playing sports for long periods of time without taking breaks. Also, diabetics are particularly prone to suffer heat exhaustion from too much time in the sun.

Paramedics expect to have increased calls for heat related emergencies as we move into August.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.