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Last-minute shoppers hit the stores


Many East Texans were still buying Christmas presents on Monday and each of them had a different reason why they had waited so long to shop.

"Well if they are like me, I just forgot about it," says Bailey Hukill, a Christmas Eve shopper.

Hukill says he can't believe anyone would wait to shop simply because they love the pandemonium of procrastination. But, those people do exist.

"Oh I just love all of the craziness right before Christmas and my sister wanted a really cool scarf," says Shawna Murphy, who hit stores on Monday for a few last minute gifts.

David McDaniels says his store was prepared for today's shoppers.

"We've always got those procrastinators that love to come in and do all of their shopping at the last second," says McDaniels, district manager of Gaudy Me, a clothing store in Tyler.

There was plenty of craziness and quite a crowd at many of the stores in Tyler. Two things Sarah Ousley tries to avoid.

"I've been fighting the crowds today, this is why I normally don't procrastinate," Ousley says.

"A little panic I think has set in to some of them and one of the guys said, "I just realized it's like tomorrow," and we're like "where have you been?" says Deborah Harter, owner of Sterling Grace, a jewelry store in Tyler.

Still, Harter admits the season also snuck up on her this year.

"I know it's still December 25, it's going to come the same time every year, but even for me this year it's kind of snuck up," Harter says.

Now that the holiday is upon us, one shopper has an important message for folks caught up in the rush.

"Just everybody be safe, be safe on the roads and remember the true reason for all of this, don't forget that," says Hukill.

Because without family and friends, there would be no one to give all of those gifts to.

Several stores, including Target will be open until 8 or 9 o'clock on Monday.

CVS and Walgreen's say their 24-hour locations will remain open through the holiday. 

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