Gift Of Love: Brian, A Teen Still Waiting For A Forever Family

"Are you interested in fish?" asks Barry St. Claire. "Yes sir," answers Brain. "Well, this is the right place to be."

That place, is the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens; a perfect place for 13 year old Brian. He was amazed at the 121 pound catfish living at the center. Equally amazing, are the manners of this teenager.

"I'm really polite and I do like little kids. I also like football, basketball, baseball and swimming," says Brian.

And of course, fishing. As he reels in a catfish, it's easy to see that he's a good fisherman. He's hoping to someday make the big catch. "His dream is to be on the Dallas Cowboys and he has big dreams and I believe he can fulfill those dreams," says Mandy Bryan, CPS caseworker.

But getting started, has been difficult. Brian has been in foster care five years, moving frequently. A past full of neglect is hard for this young man to except. "Because I know that every other child has a mother and father but some kids, like me, don't have any and I really miss having my mom," say Brian with tears streaming down his cheek.

Each day that passes, gets harder. "Because as I get older, there's like more I couldn't relive in my childhood and I wish I could redo it."

Mandy says, "That is one of his heart breaks. He wants to belong somewhere. He's had two younger siblings that have been adopted and so he feels that no one wants him."

It has left him angry, trying to control his behavior while feeling like he's all alone. His past has made it difficult for Brian to show his feeling and it's hard for him to trust. He would do best in a family with younger children. "I could help take care of the kids and help around the house and do what they tell me to do."

For now, fishing helps him pass the time and seems to be the only thing that makes him smile. "When he smiles, it just lights up his whole face," says Mandy Bryan.

Hopefully finding the Gift of Love will keep that smile permanently.

If you'd like to know more about Brian call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

We want to thank Jeff Wright, in the Sporting Goods Department at the Super Wal-mart on South Broadway, for donating ten fishing poles. Now, Brain, and all the boys at the Azelway Boys Ranch in Tyler, will be able to enjoy an afternoon of fishing.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.