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Man tries to rob ETX Walmart with pellet gun

Juquin Daniel Gallardo. Photo Source: Gregg County Jail. Juquin Daniel Gallardo. Photo Source: Gregg County Jail.

Witnesses say a man carrying a pellet gun entered the store then pointed the gun at an employee and demanded the keys to the store's pharmacy.

20-year-old Juquin Gallardo was seen at Walmart last night for two hours with witnesses saying he was acting strangely.

"He pulled out a pistol wrapped in a bandana, and told everybody to get down on the ground," says witness Gavin Lister, who was shopping at Walmart at the time.

Gallardo attempted to break the glass to gain access into the store's pharmacy, pointing the handgun at two different clerks, demanding the keys to the pharmacy.

"The first thing I was thinking is I didn't want to die, I didn't want anyone else to die in the store, I had daughters to come home to," Lister says.

"He just went crazy, point the gun at my father, had all of us terrified," says Lister's daughter Britney.

Then Lister made a remarkable decision.

"I was like this is not going to happen. The world is not going to end tonight. I grabbed him, rushed him and we started tussling all over the store," he says.

What Lister didn't know, but what police found out, was that the gun was a pellet gun.But immediately his mind went to events of last week.

"We just had a big loss in Sandy Hook," he says.

Lister kept Gallardo pinned down until police arrived and arrested him.

Gallardo is charged with robbery and is held on a $10,000 bond.

Police say Walmart has requested off-duty police officers for security at their Gilmer Road location.

Click here to see the press release from the Longview Police Department.

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