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Lake End residents walk to remember Newtown tragedy


Newtown, CT has been described as a quaint little town, much like Lake End, here in Louisiana. One week ago today, that cozy little town in Connecticut was torn apart when 20 elementary school children and 6 of their teachers were gunned down at Sandy Hooks Elementary School.

"Just like my heart dropped, how could somebody do anything like this?" Morgan Sparks, a young student in Lake End, said. Friday, a group gathered at the Red River Cowboy Church in Lake End to remember those who lost their lives in Newtown, a town that reminds many here of their own community. "She's in elementary school, and I have another one in high school and I mean it could happen anywhere. You know, those people didn't think it would happen in their town and we think that too, next week it could" Kathy Quick, a Lake End resident, says about her children and schools.

The Red River Cowboy Church held a moment of silence followed by a 27 minute walk. The 27 minutes represented the 27 lives lost. "We're selling t-shirts and for every t-shirt sold we're able to donate $6, and then we have a donation bucket where they can make donations. We've sold 100 t-shirts and at $6 a shirt, that's $600 without the donations" Logan Moore, with the Red River Cowboy Church, says.

"We're walking in support of the families, you know I have my child this Christmas, some of them don't have theirs." Quick says. This is a tragedy that has touched lives throughout the country. "It just makes me kind of afraid, like do I even want to send her to school?" Kasie Moore, a Lake End resident, says. "It's been very scary, like if I thought about this happening at my school it would be very scary" Sparks says.  "I want to keep my kids closer and safe. You know, that's all any of us want to do." Quick says.

The money raised at the "Walk 27" will help those in Connecticut with funeral costs for the children and teachers, and for whatever else it may take for the town to start moving forward.

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