Women Still Earn Less Than Men

"I didn't know it was that big a difference," said one woman.

"Maybe they think women aren't ready for the business world. They should stay home cooking and cleaning," said another woman who was outraged by the latest census report.

According to the report, women on average are still paid less then men. In fact, women make about 10 thousand dollars a year less then men. In some fields the difference is even greater. For example, male doctors on average make 140 thousand dollars a year. Women only 88 thousand. Male dentists average 110 thousand a year. Women only 68 thousand. The disparity isn't just with highly specialized jobs. Even male fast food workers make more than women, 17 thousand compared to 15 thousand.

"That's, that's, that's crazy. Insane," says one woman shown the numbers.

"Maybe [employers] think men are better so they pay them more," says one woman.

In a recent study of the gender gap in America, the General Accounting Office attributes the pay disparity to the fact that on average, women have fewer years experience, fewer work hours per year, are less likely to work full time and leave the labor force for longer periods of time than men. For women just starting out in the business world like Amanda, it's discouraging news.

"In one of my classes, my professor said, 'OK girls, I am going to shoot straight with you. It's going to be tough out there. There's a lot more men who have been in this a lot longer," says Amanda.

The census report only looked at jobs where there was a significant number of men and women working the same job. They only found one occupation where men and women were paid the same, dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartenders.