AEP-SWEPCO To Face Environmental Charges

AEP SWEPCO will face charges of environmental violations at an East Texas power plant.

The company allegedly failed to report emissions polluting the air in East Texas. That information came about because of a whistleblower who was later fired from the company in May.

The alleged violations involve the Welsh Plant in Titus County. AEP says the company did not violate state environmental standards and did not fire former engineer Bill Wilson in retaliation.

Wilson says all he was trying to do was to get his company to comply with clean air regulations.

"When I filed the complaint with OSHA, the remedy is reinstatement," Wilson said. "So I would love to have my job back. You know, I'd love to have the chance to change this company and get them to manage environmental issues properly."

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is investigating plants in Gregg and Harrison counties, where Wilson reported other emissions violations.

Julie Tam, reporting.