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Twitter and Facebook lead police to capital murder suspects


Television news viewers were an integral part in helping police nail down their suspects in the capital murder of Ronnie Gammage.

When Longview Police released bank surveillance video, they asked the public for help identifying the people who could be connected to Gammage's disappearance. Many KLTV 7 viewers responded. Police say it's because of those viewers that they were able to make a break in this case.

"Facebook, just social media in general, because we put it out as much as we could. But, also the news stations and the newspaper ran this story and also the pictures and the video was very instrumental in us being able to identify these individuals," said Longview Police Department Officer Kristie Brian.

On the KLTV 7 Facebook page, many viewers contributed to the investigation.
While a viewer, Glynis, prayed for Ronnie Gammage and his family, another viewer, Ariana, asked for information about who to call because she thought she recognized the driver.

KLTV 7 viewer Serena said she knew the driver and the passenger by first and last name. Seeing the video and reading each other's posts lead multiple viewers to call the police.

Then, the suspects themselves began posting on the KLTV 7 Facebook page when people started recognizing who they were. Daniel Paul Jones and Sarah Haslam, now charged with capital murder, told people on Facebook Tuesday that they'd already been in touch with Longview police and the department only wanted to talk to them about the check they tried to cash.

On Haslam's Twitter page, she posted expletives clearly directed at the Longview Police Department. On that page there are multiple posts insulting the department and their officers.

Police spent Thursday pursuing a third suspect in the case. On Haslam's Twitter page, she also implied she knew who that suspect was. Haslam  made a post telling someone else she hopes they pay for this and that they should go turn themselves in. 

A warrant for a third suspect's arrest was issued Thursday out of Upshur County. As of Thursday evening, Longview Police said they had not made a third arrest.

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