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Christmas with the ETX quads

© (Source: Priceless Memories by Tracy) © (Source: Priceless Memories by Tracy)

The naturally-conceived quadruplets born in Longview seven months ago, are getting ready for their first Christmas.

Four babies means four cribs, four car seats, four bouncy seats and a lot of diapers. 

"I go through a pack of that, 186 pack, maybe in a week and half," said mother Maria Salgado. 

At birth, these babies weighed between two and three pounds. 

"When they were born, we just had a lot of faith. Knowing with faith that they were going to grow and be healthy, you know, that's what helps a lot," said father, Ruben Salgado. 

Now, seven months later, these healthy little girls weigh about 12 pounds each. Mom and dad said they could not be more perfect.

"God has been with them since day one and he has taken care of them. I think he planned it right because he gave me very good babies," Maria said with a smile. 

This makes a total of six little girls for the Salgado family. These quads have two big sisters who mom says love to help. 

"They're both happy, happy. They both love their sisters. They'll just kiss them, they'll hold them," Maria said about her two older daughters. 

"I love them, I kiss them on the cheek, I hug them and I make their hearts smile," said the Salgado's four-year-old daughter. 

Friends, family and even strangers have helped provide the Salgado family with all sorts of necessities, including enough diapers to fill two closets. 

"I just want to thank every single person. I mean, it's a blessing to us and it's a big, big help. I mean, four babies at one time, it's no joke. God's taking care of them, that's for sure. But we just want to thank them, I don't know how. I would just give them a hug," Maria said. 

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