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ETX store offers products "Made in America"


KLTV 7 has joined the "Made in America" movement started by ABC News and Diane Sawyer. 

Here is how it works: The average shopper usually spends about $750 on holiday gifts. If everyone spent only about $65, or 8%, of that on American-made gifts, we could potentially create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans. 

Shannon's Beading Basket and Gallery in Longview offers several products made right here in the USA.

It is something owner Shannon Gilliland is proud of. 

"We need to support American artists and American workers, and we really need to consider our local artists," Gilliland said.

At Shannon's Beading Basket and Gallery, you can purchase art by East Texans or create your own through jewelry making or glass fusion. 

Barbara Walls is one of the many East Texas artists whose work is up for sale in Gilliland's shop.

"It's very important to me that people realize that you don't have to go outside of the area to find good art, you can get it here," Walls said. 

Thanks to Gilliland, now customers can create their own art right here in East Texas using products made in America.

"Some of the glass is made in Austin, some of it comes from Washington State,some of it comes from California and a little bit of it comes from North Carolina," Shannon explained. 

Glass fusing is one of Shannon's specialties. You start by picking out your favorite "Made in America" glass piece and work with Gilliland to turn it into a unique piece of art.

"We can do earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets," Gilliland said. 

Whether you want to purchase art or create your own, thanks to Gilliland, you can do it all without leaving East Texas, and while supporting American workers. 

It is something her customers and artisans can appreciate. 

"To get good products you don't have to go overseas. I'm very much in this favor of this buy in America, American made things. Spend your money here," Walls said.

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