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Officer seen playing cards in patrol car

A flurry of Facebook controversy has occurred over a card game reportedly being played in an East Texas patrol car. A passing motorist took a picture of a Longview police officer reportedly playing a game of computer solitaire while on duty. The driver snapped the picture Tuesday on Loop 281, claiming to show a Longview police officer playing the game on duty. Police say, yes, it did happen.

"Well, it has been brought to our attention through Facebook obviously, that one of our officers did have this in his computer," says Longview officer Debra Stiles.

A closer look shows cards clearly on the screen. While it could have only been a few seconds, being observed by a passing motorist had the department wanting to be open and honest about what happened.

"That is against our policy and its being addressed," Stiles says.

"As public servants, it is important that we give our best to the community at all times. All our employees are expected to make the best use of their time and to do their duty in a safe manner. The issue was handled by the supervisor within the police department and appropriate discipline was put in place." said city manager David Willard.

The officer has not been named, and whether or how he's been reprimanded has not been released.

"Playing games on the computer is against department policy. It has been dealt with," Stiles says.

Police administration said that they appreciate citizens bringing this kind of activity to their attention. In light of this instance, LPD officers have been reminded of department policy concerning use of their computers.

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