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Better East Texas: Hillary

By Pat Stacey

There is a steady buzz about the appeal of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her possible run again on trying to get elected president in 20-16.  Secretary Clinton has remained in the spotlight during her term as Secretary of State but has drawn a lot heat in the wake of the State Department's action or inaction concerning the terrorists attack on our consulate in Libya that killed our ambassador and three others.  But last week we found out that our intelligence agencies, including the state department were surprised when North Korea actually tested a long range missile successfully.  These recent examples are flash points for other areas of the world and we have either been in the dark on accurate information or surprised by what has occurred.  Now many of you might say that the same thing happened on Colin Powell's watch but he was not interested in running for president and he certainly was not distracted by entertainment program interviews after being named one of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 20-12 – of which Secretary Clinton is one.  So before Hillary Clinton goes too far back down the presidential hopeful road, she needs to take care of business even in these last few weeks of her service.  Succeeding as Secretary of State is essential no matter her future aspirations and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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