An East Texas Couple Gets A Major League Opportunity

For an East Texas couple, a chance meeting with the owner of the Houston Astros has turned into an incredible, patriotic opportunity. They have been invited to sing the national anthem at an upcoming Astros game at Minute Made Park. Sophia Lynne had absolutely no idea what was in store for her, when she was recently invited to sing a couple of patriotic songs at the Greater Houston prayer breakfast.

"They had me sitting at the head table and Drayton McLane sat beside me," said Lynne. "After I finished doing the second song, he asked me if I would honor the Astros and come and sing. I tried to stay very calm and act like it wasn't that big a deal, but I was thrilled. I said I would be honored to. I would absolutely love it."

Her husband, Donny Ziegelbein, will provide the harmony. Ever since 9/11, he says their singing group, the Saltwater Flys, have been asked to sing the national anthem in concert.

"That's kind of how I started doing it was, instead of just walking off stage," said Ziegelbein. "I would stand behind her, just step back and sing the harmony, but we have sung the national anthem, or she has sung it, in clubs, a lot."

"I've never performed in front of a crowd this big before and I have stage fright so it's going to be very interesting," said Lynne.

Sophia and Donny will sing the national anthem on August 4 when the Astros host the Atlanta Braves. Sophia says they have been offered the opportunity to sing the anthem next year for the Astros, Rangers and Stars.

Kevin Berns, reporting.