Former Employee Blows Whistle On Power Company

The air in East Texas is not as clean as it should be, according to a former employee of the country's largest electric provider.

Bill Wilson worked as an air quality engineer for AEP-SWEPCO in East Texas. He was fired in May and said it was for refusing to submit a false report to regulators. Over the years, he said SWEPCO has violated a number of different regulations, many falling under the federal Clean Air Act.

He points specifically to violations at three East Texas power plants. Those are the Pirkey power plant near Hallsville, the Knox-Lee power plant near Longview and the Welsh power plant near Pittsburg.

Wilson claims serious violations at each plant are putting harmful chemicals into the air you breathe.

"The whole environmental regulations are designed to protect human health, that's why you have limits. It's unacceptable to violate your permit because it could affect people's health... that's why they're there."

SWEPCO denies the allegations. Wilson is asking the EPA to investigate.

Chris Gibson, reporting