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Paul Manziel enjoying son's Heisman success


Inside his office at Fenton Honda in Longview, Paul Manziel has an incredible story to share. Manziel returned to work this week after the most amazing trip of his life. Manziel had a front row seat, as his son Johnny was the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy.

"It was a big day," say Manziel.  "We've worked for 20 years to get here. For it to all be real is very emotional."

Tears of joy turned into a surreal experience.

"We walked back across the street to hotel and they had a suite for us where they put the Heisman Trophy for the family and we all took pictures with it," said Manziel.  "They treated us like royalty the whole time."

In college football, Heisman winners are royalty.

"To meet Doug Flutie and Tony Dorsett and all the guys and watch Flutie play drums and sit with Tony and some of the other guys and just talk and chat and be welcomed into that family, you can't dream of it," said Manziel.  "I still pinch myself to see if it was real."

The pictures prove it's real. Rewarding moments from a journey that started in Tyler, before moving to Kerrville.

"Kerrville and Tyler I guess will have to split it," said Manziel of his son's award.  "He's (Johnny) lived in both places and made an impact on both towns."

His greatest impact has come in Aggieland. Johnny Football's not done yet.

"What it's done for that school is a shot in the arm," said Manziel. "It couldn't have come at a better time with a change in conferences. It's a blessing."

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