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Discharged Longview officer speaks out


After surviving a horrific crash a year ago, a Longview police officer says she is not happy about how she was honorably discharged from the force.

Leigh Ann Snyder spoke out for the first time on her anger and disappointment over her discharge.

"The city's let me down. There was no encouragement from administration, there was alienation," said Snyder.

Still rehabbing from injuries suffered when she was hit by a drunk driver a year ago on duty, Snyder is angry at how the ordeal has been treated.

"I had two broken legs and a broken hip and could barely function. I'm really just betrayed. Its been very traumatic when you don't have your city behind you," she says.

She is angry over the city's policy which says employees must be let go if they miss 12 months of full time work in a two-year period.

"They've done it in the past for people for people that were not even injured in the line of duty and they're not making any accommodations for me. The toughest part is them not having my back because I've devoted my life to serving the people. This one year city policy , its not working," Snyder says.

There is dispute over what the city has offered and what has really been given.

"She's going to continue to be paid 70 percent of her salary, untaxed, she'll have medical coverage for the rest of her life, insurance covering childcare, renovating her house for handicap purposes," said Longview Mayor Jay Dean earlier in the week.

"Both of those things are not true, its further not true that the city will provide health insurance for her for the rest of her life," says Snyder's attorney Frank Weedon.

"The only thing I had provided was light housekeeping," says Snyder.

"The broader public issue is the failure of the workers compensation system in the state of Texas," Weedon says.

Snyder says she plans on making a full recovery and one day returning to law enforcement.

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