Homeless Man Charged With Robbing Bank

A homeless man is arrested at the shelter where he was staying. Police say he robbed the bank across the street.

58 year old Sherman Ray Jordan was staying at the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission in Longview. Police say, this morning, he walked into Austin Bank on highway 80 in Longview and demanded money.

"There was no weapon displayed. There was no threat of a weapon made. He just simply told the teller give me your $100 bills and she handed him 3 packets. They were bundled up and each bundle was $1000," says Sergeant Sean Pendleton.

Bank tellers told investigators Sherman put the money in his back pocket then walked across the street to the Hi-way 80 shelter.   Police say they found him there in a back room with the money still in his pocket.

Jordan had been a resident of the Rescue Mission since July 4th and had stayed once last year as well. Tonight he is awaiting arraignment; facing charges of second degree felony bank robbery.

Amy Tatum reporting.  atatum@kltv.com