Jeopardy Champ Does It Again

He seems unstoppable. He's brilliant. He's fast. He's the biggest winner Jeopardy has ever seen. Fans say Ken has made the show better than ever.

"With him it is a challenge to see if anyone is going to come and beat him out," says one fan.

It seems everyone is rooting for the software engineer with Texas ties.

"He's a genius," says one fan.

Another says, "I think he is awesome."

"He just seems to know everything about everything," says another.

No one wants to go against him though.

"Would you try to take him on?" asks the reporter.

"Oh no," says a fan.

Not even our own self-proclaimed Jeopardy guru Stephen Parr can take this guy on. Though he does try.

"Out of the 30 days, I've only beat him one day, as I keep my own score, and I cheat," explains Stephen.

Ken really is a quiz show king, and as long as he keeps winning, East Texas will keep watching.