Longview woman lights up neighborhood with Christmas cheer

Longview woman lights up neighborhood with Christmas cheer

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - If you're in Gregg County and in the mood to see thousands of Christmas lights you'll be glad to know you don't have to drive far.

A couple miles off of George Ritchie Road just north of Longview is what the owners call "Mini-Santa Land" and Clark Griswold has nothing on this display.

Carmela Davis is a Certified Public Accountant by day and a Christmas Philanthropic Advocate by night. Starting every September, after crunching numbers all day, then crunches over the leave in her yard connecting thousands of feet of extension cords to make a complete circuit.

"Each year, I added more and more," says Davis. "This year I had a lot of my lights redone in LED, so that way I didn't blow as many fuses as I have in the past. I have plug-ins in the trees on the fence, by the pond and everywhere. I have many, many breakers, I think I've got six breaker boxes,"

For safety, she has an electrician check it out.

During the day it looks a little like outdoor storage, but at night it would even make a Grinch smile.

Davis' favorite?

"The Santa Claus or, this year, the big snowman laying in the front yard, or Mickey Mouse land. I guess that is because little kids like that a lot, so that's some of my favorites. Also, the little crosses and the nativity scenes are my favorite too, or the big snowman out by the pond. I don't know. It's all my favorite," Davis concluded.

She knows what she likes, and she'd like visitors to make a couple circles to make sure they see it, and hear it all.

"As adults, when we get past taking our kids then we get out of that Christmas spirit, and this is a way as us as adults to stay in that Christmas spirit," Davis added.

It's a lot of work setting all this up, but Davis can't think of a better way to bring out the wonder in all of us.

Davis has been lighting up her neighbor's lives for seven years now. She says the idea came from the memory of her college days when sometimes the only thing that got her through was looking at the Christmas lights.

The light show, located at 117 Meadowview Road, is free to the public.

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