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Store surveillance shows robbery suspect make off with entire cash register

(Source: Tyler Police Department) (Source: Tyler Police Department)

Authorities are looking for a man who assaulted a store clerk, then made off with a cash register.

Tyler Police say the robbery happened in broad daylight Saturday afternoon. The store, "Just a $1.00," is located in north Tyler in the 2200 block of Gentry Parkway. Surveillance cameras caught the whole robbery on camera.

"The suspect definitely came in with the motive of stealing the cash register. [In the video] you can see he's lurking around waiting for the right opportunity," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Police say the man in this video is well aware that there are surveillance cameras inside the store. The suspect is sure to cover his face with a towel. Despite the many warnings against theft displayed throughout the store, the suspect goes in for a full-on robbery.

"All I know is he had... he had shoved me into the cabinet and that's all I remember," says Paula. She was working the register when the man ripped it from the counter.

Paula and her co-worker, Sabrina didn't want to use their last names in this story, but they do want the man responsible for the robbery to be caught.

"Only thing I'd seen was his hat as he was going around the corner, but I know he had a black shirt and dark colored black jeans," says Paula.

"He actually waited for her to check out the guy before the lady with the five kids," says Sabrina, Paula's co-worker.

The suspect made his move when there were just women and children in the store. Employees describe the man who robbed them as tall and slender. They think he may have been in his late 20s or early 30s. Right now, one of the best clues authorities have to identifying the man is a get away car.

"There's a witness that actually observed him getting into a two-tone brown over tan or tan over brown pickup," says Officer Martin. He adds that the truck may be a late 70s early 80s model.

The store manager says he has hired a security guard to keep an eye on things everyday to make sure something like what happened on Saturday does not happen again.

The "Just a $1.00" store in Tyler says they were robbed once years before, but that suspect had a gun. The suspect who robbed the store on Saturday did not appear to  be armed, but police say by forcing the clerk into the counter, the crime is upgraded from a theft to a robbery.

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