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Better East Texas: Ambassadors

By Pat Stacey

If the was ever a time for a law against cronyism in the federal government, now is the time.  President Obama is considering several influential fund-raisers for post as ambassadors for our country.  The most notable is the editor of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour.  Ms. Wintour is responsible for raising more than a half-million dollars in the president's re-election effort and she appears to be the leading candidate to become the Ambassador to England.  There are several others on their way to ambassador posts as the president is seemingly paying up for big dollar contributions.  Now, President Obama did not invent the practice of appointing or trying to appoint those friendly to him to national posts.  President Bush did it and we saw it in Supreme Court nominee Harriett Myers and F-E-M-A Director Michael Brown.  But President Obama has made the connection between big donations and big titles like no other.  He could have easily stopped the practice as well but it appears he has done nothing but magnifying it.  It is like the federal government has become some kind of play ground for the wealthy and connected and if you have both, then you are qualified to become an ambassador.  It is a disgusting practice because it impacts the lives of Americans here and abroad and it needs correcting, and that will make for a better East Texas.

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