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Video offers active shooter instruction after public shootings


A training video produced by the Houston Texas Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security is getting a lot of attention after the recent public shootings.

More than 1.5 million people have seen the video titled "Run, Hide, Fight," on YouTube. The video was completed just days before the Colorado movie theater shooting. It's basically an instruction manual on how to handle a crazed shooter.

Security experts have said while the video is not easy to watch, it offers life saving instructions. For instance, the instinct for many in a active shooter situation, is to duck and hide.

That's what many did in the Oregon shopping mall on Tuesday when they heard gunshots.

"I hit the floor," said the Oregon Mall's Santa Clause.

One man said, "People started hiding behind counters."

But the "Run, Hide, Fight," video suggests hiding only after trying to get away.

And then there's this piece of controversial advice: fight. The video shows actors picking up items that could be used as weapons.

The Oregon shooting, say police, is unfortunately proof that you have to be prepared for this type of violence.

The producers of the video say there hope is to not only educate, but, they want people to remember Run-Hide-Fight just as they remember another life saving phrase, Stop-Drop and Roll.

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