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Firefighters rescue dog trapped under Lady's Island dock


Christmas came a little early for some dog owners on Lady's Island thanks to firefighters and paramedics who came to the rescue.

Buckshot was as happy as can be Monday. But on Sunday, the little Jack Russell gave his owners quite a scare when he and their other dog got loose.

"We spent the better part of the six hours searching for them non stop and when we finally found our large dog, he was soaking wet and he was pretty upset," said Dawn Pemberton.  "We rushed him home and went back to where we found him."

They found him near the water on Lady's Island.

"We could hear very faint yelps and we sort of followed it," Pemberton said. "We looked in different spots and we couldn't tell where it was coming from. Finally, we realized it was coming from the dock, which was pretty scary. We realized he was trapped under the floating dock on top of one of the bladders.  There was no way to get him. My husband dove in and went under water, under the dock and could reach him but couldn't rescue him. It was too tight."

Dawn said she immediately called 911 for help.

"We were dispatched to a possible drowning victim," said Paulo Pacheco, Beaufort Co. EMS.  "Once we arrived on scene, it was actually a dog that was stuck under the dock."

Although it wasn't what they expected, Lady's Island-St. Helena firefighters and Beaufort Co. EMS sprung into action.

"We took it upon ourselves to extricate the dog," said Pacheco. "We removed all the boards safely and between myself and the gentlemen here, we were able to finally rescue the dog after 20 minutes."

"It's so nice to use our daily training and get the opportunity to help our citizens in our community in whatever their emergency needs might be," said Scott Maxey, Lady's Island-St. Helena Fire. 

Pemberton said she couldn't be happier to have her Buckshot back safe and sound.

"I am so grateful they responded to our call and took it so seriously," she said. "This dog is my best friend. I love him so much. My whole family loves him. Both of our dogs are with us in everything we do. We love them."

Both Buckshot and Pemberton's husband, who went into help, are doing fine. During the rescue, emergency crews still made themselves available for any other emergency that came up.

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