Proud of East Texas: Sammie Barney Home

By Joan Hallmark

The very first time Sammie Barney drove through the little town of Golden, it felt like a homecoming. When she stepped into a century old building housing an art gallery, she knew she had found her home. Barney bought the building that day and began turning it into the home of her dreams.

The building had, over time, housed a post office, Masonic Lodge, grocery store, sweet potato warehouse and an art gallery. Barney kept remnants of the buildings history, while adding her own touches to make it a gracious home.

Barney's home has become the most popular destination point in Golden, with over 500 people touring the home during the towns Sweet Potato Festival. She loves sharing her home with others, and although living in a former grocery store, lodge, etc., may not be most people's idea of home, Sammie Barney says, for her, it's a dream come true.

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