What Does The Color Of Your Car Say About You?

A new survey by a London insurance agency says the color of your car says a lot about your personality. The study also suggests the color car you drive will determine your risk of having an accident.

Black, silver, blue, and red are the most popular color choices in a vehicle but according to a new survey, the personality of the drivers are very different.

Let's start with red- the survey says red cars are owned by energetic people. Did we get it right? "I chose red because I turned 40 and thought I needed a sporty color, never had a red vehicle in my life," says Lucy Russell. We're right so far. The survey also says red car drivers are quick thinking therefore less likely to be involved in an accident. Lucy hasn't been involved in an accident in her current red car but she's had two wrecks in her previous car- it was red too.

The survey suggests drivers of black cars have aggressive and rebellious personalities. We found a driver of a black vehicle who says that doesn't reflect her personality at all. "I'm friendly, courteous and out-going. No that's wrong," says Janet Mack. The survey says black cars are more likely to be involved in an accident than any other car.

Let's move on to a calmer personality. The survey says that title belongs to blue. Angela Viggerstaff drives a blue mini van that her husband picked out."He's very laid back," says Angela about her husband's personality. That fits with our survey that describes blue car drivers as introspective and cautious, making them less likely to be involved in a car accident.

Accident investigator Mike Grisham says, when it comes to wreck, color has nothing to do with it. "What it really boils down to is what kind of driver the driver is in the car and that's it," says Mike. By the way, he rides an aggressive, ticket-seeking black motorcycle.

The survey also says white cars reflect a status-seeking extrovert with a very low risk of getting into an accident. Green car drivers are likely to have hysterical tendencies with a high risk of accidents. Also high on the list for risk of an accident is silver cars. Their owners were found to be cool and aloof.

Amy Tatum reporting atatum@kltv.com