Vandals Slash Tires Of Vehicles In South Tyler

Vandals slashed the tires of almost 30 vehicles in South Tyler causing thousands of dollars in damage.  Early Sunday morning the vandals began at the Cedar Trails Apartments on McDonald Road and moved a few streets over to the Rose Heights Church of God.
  At the Cedar Trails Apartments several cars remained on flat tires today. "It scared me a little bit," said resident Jessi Cason. "I'm like if they're going to slash people's tires why wouldn't they go in people's house?"
  One month ago, Jessi and her roommate Renee moved to Tyler from a small town. Monday, they were dealing with the crime of a much larger city.
  "I was shocked," said Renee Delese. "I didn't know what had happened because I drove it just the night before and I didn't know how I got a flat just sitting there."
  Resident Sheri Watson's tires weren't slashed, but she believes she saw the vandals.  "I went to the store about 3 in the morning. I saw two guys. I've never seen them before," she said. "They were kind of looking around at all the cars. They looked up at my window and they saw me and they took out running towards the street."
  Sheri believes one of the vandals was injured during the crime.  "I have a friend that lives way at the end of these apartments and they found blood on their tire, and they assume that someone cut their hand pulling back the knife out of the tire," she said.
  Nearby, at Rose Heights Church of God, police say witnesses scared away the vandals, but not before they had slashed all 4 tires of a church van and slashed one tire and broke out the window of a truck.
  "It's pretty incredible really that people would come to a church just to do vandalism," said Associate Pastor Bo Richardson. "We'll have to put a new set of tires. So it'll run close to $600."
Thousands of dollars lost and hours of time wasted. Residents hope for a quick resolution to curb the vandals crime spree.
  If you have any information about the suspects or you are a victim of the vandalism, you are asked to contact the Tyler Police Department immediately.

Story by Maya Golden,