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Alba baby recovering from abuse

An arrest warrant has been issued for an East Texas man accused of abusing a seven-month-old girl.

The incident happened on November 11 at a house in Alba off of Highway 69.

Authorities say they are not releasing the name of the suspect at this time because this case is still under investigation.

Little Taelynn Byron is back at home recovering from injuries that left her brain damaged.

"I pulled up and he opened the door and had her in his arms and he said I dropped her," says Trista Byron, Taelynn's mother.

Trista says she left her daughter at the house with her boyfriend for less than an hour. When she came back, Taelynn was not responding.

"It was really hard because she's my baby. I just wanted her to be ok," Trista says.

Trista called 911 and was airlifted with Taelynn to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, where doctors told her Taelynn had a fractured skull. She says doctors also told her the babies injuries did not look like an accident.

"She had bleeding in her retina too is what the doctors told me, and that's caused by being shaken.They think her ribs were being squeezed, you know. They told me there is no way it could be an accident," Trista says.

Taelynn spent a week in the hospital. Trista says doctors expect the healthy part of Taelynn's brain to take over the damaged area, but they can't be certain.

"We have to go back for physical therapy and for her brain to make sure that nothing happens in the future because we might not know until she starts talking and walking if she's going to be ok," Trista says.

Child Protective Services is still investigating Taelynn's case. They believe she is safe at the home where her mother lives. Trista just hopes other moms will learn from what happened to her daughter.

""All mothers need to be careful who they bring around their child because he was perfect, my whole family thought he was perfect. I had no idea whatsoever he would hurt her like that," Trista says.

The man accused of abusing Taelynn is also a suspect in another CPS case. 

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