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Vegas boys sentenced for kitten deaths

The two boys charged in the kitten deaths were shackled in court. The two boys charged in the kitten deaths were shackled in court.

A Las Vegas judge ordered two boys charged in the deaths of six kittens to serve 12 months of probation.

The 11-year-olds received their sentence Tuesday in Clark County Juvenile Court.

During a scheduled psychiatric evaluation in the case, both boys had normal results.

According to Las Vegas Metro police, the boys were accused of throwing rocks at a feline that was giving birth at an apartment complex in the 9600 block of W. Russell Road on Oct. 9.

The cat give birth to six kittens that later died, police said.

The two boys described to a judge in court on Tuesday why they decided to throw rocks at the cat.

"We tossed a couple of rocks and a couple hit the cat, by mistake. We weren't really trying to hit the cat… we were trying to see if we could scare it to move to get it to the complex to see if someone would claim it," one of the unidentified minors testified.

Along with the probation the presiding judge William Voy ordered the juveniles to serve 80 hours of community service, along with a mandated curfew.

The boys were also ordered to write an essay on treating animals with respect. The judge prohibited the kids from contact with each other.

The case has drawn the anger of group Concerned Citizens and Animal Welfare Advocates as well as Nevada Political Action for Animals. Members of both groups have gathered outside the court house before the boys' scheduled appearances.

"Animal rights groups are disappointed (with the sentencing) because it's just a slap on the wrist. What they got does not fit the crime," Stacia Newman, president of Nevada Political Action for Animals, told FOX5.

Newman feels the boys should have been placed on probation till they're 21 so their criminal record isn't sealed when they turn 18.

But Jeannie Hua, defense attorney for one of the boys, said her client has already suffered enough.

"He is scared… he knows he made a mistake, he is never going to do anything like this again," Hua told FOX5.

Meanwhile Newman hopes these boys don't fulfill their community service by working with any animals.

"Taking care of animals and fluffing the little blankets and putting the food in the dishes, that's like putting a pedophile at a daycare center," Newman told FOX5.

The prosecution did want the boys to work with Animal Control as part of their community service, but the judge said that organization wouldn't allow it.

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