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City of Tyler attacks under-dwellers!


There's a lot of wide open space at Lindsay Park in Tyler, and some enterprising squatters have taken up unwanted residence.

However, they are a little difficult to chase off the property since they live where the sun doesn't shine.

Yes, we're talking about the dreaded gopher, and his buddy the mole.

From ground level, molehills do look a little like mountains. From up higher they look like an eyesore and a nuisance. They don't do much for the soccer field, either. No one wants to play with gophers and moles or step into their house.

Stephanie Rollings, Tyler's Director of Parks and Recreation said, "The issue is really erosion with the ball fields and the soccer fields. It just causes a lot of erosion issues and we want to make our facilities are safe, so in order for us to do that we need to look at this issue and take care of it."

Michael Farnham is a take-care-of-it kind of guy. He's managed to dig up a way to evict the varmints without poison. The critters never know when he's going to pop up. He's been hired to start dealing with them while no one is playing at Lindsay Park.

"It's a good time for us to be out there taking care of the problem since it's the off season," Stephanie said.

We're pulling all these today, then we're going to jump over to the other side and leave all this. We'll probably miss a few. We'll see the new stuff when we hit it our second round," Michael said to a city employee at Lindsay Park.

Slow and steady wins the race, although it's not easy to keep up with Michael. To him it's the same mole stuff, so he tends to gopher it. After all, he doesn't want to get buried by his work.

Au revoir, Mole-pher.

Michael Farnham's business, Mole Masters, will be working on Lindsay Park for the next three to six months.

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