Proud of East Texas: Mandy Jones

By Joan Hallmark

Mandy Jones is the owner of "Challenge House: Art & More."  She says whether we're facing a challenge or seeking a challenge, she can help.

Meeting challenges is part of her every day life. Mandy has lived with epilepsy since birth.  Even though she has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas, epilepsy has hindered her career. Not being able to drive, she is forced to take a bus or taxi everywhere.  That's a great difficulty in taking part in art shows and other venues.

     Since Mandy's art has helped her so much in expressing herself, her art therapy classes are set up to help others. She adds that art not only helps the challenged but is a big help with the stresses we all face.
    Easter Seals has chosen Mandy's Lily painting for its 2013 Easter Seals stamps, which is a big honor for any artist. Mandy is writing a book about her life with epilepsy, hoping to help others with similar challenges.
     For information for Mandy Jones art classes at Challenge House, call 903-565-0772. 

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