Family Of Pilots Attends Great Texas Balloon Race

For a family of pilots, every moment is a joy. It started with some brothers from Michigan racing off road bikes. As they grew up, they wanted to keep competing., seeing which one could out do the other. So, they bought a balloon.

Now brother, sisters, and a niece of the Gauthier family are in Longview seeing who can race their balloon the best. Four family balloons are in the sky this weekend. While for the oldest brothers this hobby of twelve years has become a mid-life passion, it's becoming a lesson to others in the family. That is, that you can do whatever you dream.

Dawn Gauthier, the only female pilot in the family said, "Everyone comes up to him and asks who the pilot is, and they say, 'No, it's her, you're the pilot?.' I just love surprising people."

Joey Gauthier, who traveled to East Texas from Michigan said, "It's always competition within the competition. We are always competing for the big prize money and we're always competing for who is going to beat the other one."

Their mother, Marty Gauthier said "I got two young boys and they love to fly and we're not allowed to take paid passengers and we put them in the basket and have a lot of fun at the hometown races."

Another Gauthier brother, Guy, lives in Longview and it looks like these family trips will become a routine in the years to come.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.